Prototyping Prototyping, ARC episode 3

On 16/02/2011 by Adolfo

As part of the Prototyping cultures conference that Alberto Corsín and I organized last November 2010 in Madrid, Chris Kelty launch the challenge to the participants asking what it would mean to prototype the prototyping conference. And so he invited all the presenters to elaborate in advance a ‘prototype’ of their presentation. The invitation materialized in very diverse ways depending on each of the presenters. Chris maintained an intense email exchange with George Marcus that was the basis for the presentation of Marcus. Alex Wilkie decided to send a part of his PhD dissertation while we tried to get Medialab people and attendants to the conference involved in the experiment proposing a few questions for them… The result of this process (and after being later reworked) was published in the ARC Studio (Anthropology Research of the Contemporary) as an ARC Episode that you can read: Prototyping prototyping ARC episode no. 3. (PDF version, 7 MB). Besides that, the videos of the presentations were published by Medialab-Prado, you can follow their link from the website of the conference. (incluiding the video of our presentation) We contributed with two pieces, The prototype: a sociology in abeyance and Prototyping relationships: on techno-political hospitality.

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