Common values, controversial facts: enacting dialogical ethics

On 20/03/2010 by Adolfo

Last week I gave my first lecture titled Common values, controversial facts: Enacting dialogical ethics It was an honor for me to share part of the work that I have been doing on the topic of Internet Research Ethics in the 11th Annual Workshop of the Center for Qualitative Psychology. I spent two nice days in the island of Sardinia (Italy) where I met Vita Postuvan and Marja Kuzmanic, two Slovenjian researchers working on suicidiology (they make me think that there are fields in which ethical issues are really tough). I am convinced that there is still much work to do on this field although I had a conversation with Alberto the other day in which he questioned the very relevance of posing certain controversies and conflicts in the framework of ‘research ethic’.

Anyway, after my work with Anne Beaulieu for the paper we have been working in the last year Rethinking Research Ethics for Mediated Settings, I tried to elaborate an argument that I have been thinking about for the last time drawing on the concept of enactment as proposed by Annemarie Mol (it is not developed in the paper because I didn’t have time for it, I know it is a lack). The other aspect is related to this one and has to do with the issue of who establishs the values that we should respect as researchers. Well, if you are interested you just have to read it.

Photo by Vita Postuvan (oops, altgough she is next to me!).

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