Laboratory Life: Back to the Fieldwork

On 16/03/2010 by Adolfo

New project, new city, new house and, the most exciting, new fieldwork. I have just started to work with Alberto Corsin in an ethnography focused on the study of… well, we are just defining the topic but it is oriented towards the analysis of new forms of innovation, new experimental practices based on digital technologies, the commons… all that happens around the Medialab, a singular Spanish centre  located in Madrid that Marcos defines by drawing on its own name: “Medialab is a laboratory where people experiment”. Alberto is working in the Insititute of History, an institution located at the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Centre of the CSIC, so for now, I am working for the Institute of History. So this is it. I am getting my pants dirty again: back to fieldwork. Ah!, in brief I (and Alberto) will start to blog again (not from here, but from the new domain we will open). Stay tuned!.

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