Architecture and anthropology: experiments in the intersection of two modes of inquiry. An opportunity to explore a mutual relation of learning and try ethnographic modes of experimental collaboration. This line of research and experimentation is closely connected to my interest on the city and the topic of urbanism. 

A long lasting collaboration has led me to explore the opportunity for anthropology to learn from the material and spatial sensibility of architecture. Anthropology may expand its conceptual vocabularies and modes of inquiry in a fertile dialogue with architecture.

As part of this relation I have developed the pedagogical project Ciudad Escuela (The City as a School) and its spin-off project Ciudad Huerto (The city as a community garden). I have taken part in number of projects of architectural design, among the latest I have been in charge of registering the documentation of the design process of a cultural center. I have been involved too in a program of participatory urbanism in the northern small city of Llanes.

A sustained partner in this collaboration has been the architectural collective Zuloark. Other partners in this collaborations has been Basurama and the architectural studios Elii and Husos.


Ciudad Escuela (Spanish).

Yes Llanes, programa de urbanismos participativo (Spanish).

Imagen: Gradas de El Campo de Cebada, por María Carmona / El Campo de Cebada.