Associate Professor of Social Anthropology (Profesor Contratado Doctor).
Department of Social Anthropology and Social Psychology, Faculty of Sociology and Political Sciences.
Complutense University of Madrid (Spain).

I am an anthropologist with an interest in the epistemic transformation of the contemporary. My research pays attention to the epistemic practices of activists, grassroots organizations, and artists and how they intervene in politics through knowledge production activities. This line of research has led me to inquiry into the material infrastructures, digital technologies, and methods used in experiments with the forms of urban living. In my second research line, I have carried out a prolonged exploration and reflection about the transformations of the epistemic practices of anthropology, reflecting about emerging modes of ethnographic experimentation and ethical challenges for the anthropological activity.

As part of my academic activity, I have use different artistic languages as research devices and forms of expression for anthropological knowledge. These activities have taken expression in exhibitions, curated programs, collaborations, and artistic performances.

I am currently president of the Spanish Association of Anthropology (ASAEE) and member of the editorial board of the journal Cultural Anthropology.

About Adolfo Estalella.
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Contact: jestalel [at] ucm